What is there in commom between the verb want and verb depend

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BIG AMOUST COUNTABLES millions of,  plenty of, lots of, many of UNCONTABLES  much of, most of, loads of, plenty of NEITHER BIG NOR SMALL (ni grande ni pequeño)  CONTINIUS several of, half of, a few of UNCONTABLES some of, enough of,a litte bit of  SMALL QUANTITIES CONTABLES few of UNCONTABLES  a bit of, a Little bit of, Little bit of  LACK (falta de algo) CONTABLES none of UNCONTABLES  no  FUTURE  + will - won´t SIMPLE ¿? Will principio frase will won´t shall situaciones formales FUTURE CONTINIUS will won´t ¿? Will you be +verb-ing  you´ll he´ll she´ll

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