Communication systems for special needs students

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MY SCHOOLRules:My school is a quite big school but a bit old one. We can use our Teachers’ names – they are quite open-minded. We do not have to Wear uniforms but, for primary school, the students have to wear the Official jogging uniform for the sport lessons.Subjects and Homework:We have some compulsory subjects, such as Maths, Spanish, Basque and English languages, Nature (both in English and Spanish). We also have Music and Religion as compulsory subjects. We have some Other optional subjects such as French or German languages, Laboratory and ICT. We usually have to do around half an hour Homework every day plus two or three hours to study the subject, if We have an exam. There are lots of tests in each subject nearly every Day.The timetable:We divide the school year in three months’ Periods and we have no timetable changes along the year. We have Eight hours’ school days, six hours in the morning and two hours in The afternoon. On Wednesdays and Fridays, we have a special Timetable: we go into school at eight o’ clock, leaving at two in The afternoon on Wednesdays and at one in the afternoon on Fridays. This special timetable makes our week a big shorter!!

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