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Objective Communications: to provide instructions for CECOM organization, establishment and maintenance of communications.
Types of publications: ACP, ITU, public encryption.
ANNEX: Annex to the publication that it is undesirable for inclusion in the publication.
CHANGE: modifications of the publication referred
CORRECTION: amendment to a publication usually urgent and needs to meet operational needs (with care will pen)
LETTER OF PROMULGATION: basic web publications with the date of entry into force
ENTITY PRODUCER: Responsible for writing and editing
ENTITY PROMULGATED body that determines the actions of matter contained in the publication into force
NEW EDITION: complete copy of the existing publication remastered
NO PUBLICATION NOTICES: q has no registration number or
PUBLICATION NOTICES: publication classified and numbers registroç
REVIEW: introduction of new and existing concepts to keep updated
CHARGE separate publication that refers to a basic
NATO PUBLICATIONS: groups of 3 letters followed by a number of the 1st ID is A 2nd allied nature of the case always 3rd publication indicator P
Instructions for Allied prep publications ACP.198 F
Preparation printing and dissemination born enactment AAP-3 A
ACP-125 radiotelephone procedure since the 2nd edition
Published figures: they are key codes and instructions for maintaining security systems
SIC: 3-letter trigram national and international messages composed of matter, subject and classifier is written in the following line to clasisicador security and is preceded by a space and sic
References routing
ROUTING GRADERS Supp2 nato acp-117
Publication that defines and classifies indicators navy acp-117 supp-1
INDICATOR: A combination of characters in words ... encabezamientoque authorities identify and control stations
They are classified: station or direction indicators
IND station: identify one or more stations
INDC of control or direction identified several authorities
They are classified INDC of clear direction and leadership groups
STATION INDICATORS CALL to establish and maintain communications acp 127 E ROUTING INDICATORS networks are used in procedure
Classification of indicators:
According to his environment and visual Radiotelegraph RADIOTELEPHONE 7
Individual Identification Form 1 solo and group most or all
According to his employment, international naval tactical
Routing indicators are published in international or naval uit
Individual or collective international ship 4 letters 3 letters earth
Collective and individual Naval indefinite num are 2 and 3 letters
Tactical publication ASMH-1707
Distinctive Visuals are on the side and naval tactical operations are contained in documents

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