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Communicative competence in the classroom (basic conversational communicative code) Is social capacity for dealing and to be made understand. The concept of communication hasn't reached the target and is missing more integration of knowledge with the strategies, creativity and social skills.Create a first system is important to develop the communicative curriculum design. General objetive is get the beginner dominate a bccc. Organizational competency model Bachman: 1. organizational competence a)grammatical competence:vocabularey, morphology, syntax, phonology. b)textual competence:cohesion, rhetorical organization. 2.-vocabulary lexical units a)syntactic structure of the grammatical sentence b)textual fabric:conversational mode.

About first inventory of verbal elements, distinguish: discourse function and inserted into phrase structures. Lexical inventories of Basic English are used:graded readers. Mini-dialogues are used to track short conversational text . According to Huebner pragmatic principles governed by the conversational are : information. 2.the task is different from your comment. 3.the functional value precedes the semantic value. 4.guidance tasks appear at the trop 5. intonation makes the meaning of question, statement or ask. 6.intonation evidences comment. Features of spoken language by Brown and Yule: 1.many short sentences 2. coordination prevails over subordination. 3.vocabulary is very general and less explicit. 4.the active voice exceeds passive voice. 5. continuous repetitions. 6.the commentary is done after having understood the topic of conversation. 7.references to the context. 8.breaks and interruptions.

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