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5.1 I usually get up at 7 a.M.

5.2 We spent two weeks in Japan las summer.

5.3 While I was searching for my keys, I found my phone.

5.4 Peter has just graduated in Law.

5.5. They have been waiting in the queue for two hours.

6.1 I'm not going to

6.2 did you begin 

6.3 had finished

6.4 asked me

6.5 who lives in London,

7.1 had/ started 

7.2 use to like

7.3 isn't going to study

7.4 will be sailing 

7.5 will be painted


8.1 different things

8.2 can

8.3 difficult 

8.4 not everyone 

9.1 Money, interesting work, nice co-workers...

9.2 Always late or did not want to finish projects.

9.3 Yes, so you know the company's expectations.

9.4 Study the company's website, call the company...

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