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Internationalisation: corporate growth strategy by int'l geographic diversification, through an evolutionary and dynamic long term process that gradually affects the different activities of the value chain. It is a change of attitude towards opportunities presented. Multinational, multidimensional, collaborative & technological process. Willing of growth, optimisation, profitability.  

Advantages of trade: encourages specialisation, increases competition, breaks down domestic monopolies, encourages innovation, likely to rise employment, availability of resources. 

Disadvantages: import harmful goods, exhaust natural resources, risk of dependency due over specialisation, asymmetries btw countries, fight for resources, obsession for competition and efficiency.  Competitive adv: firm level, outperforming competitors, created, cost and differentiation / comparative adv: opportunity cost in production, inherited, country level, advantages in n.Resources or skills, labour and capital. 

design, branding, management i marketing (production i n.Resources)

tariffs and quotas (health and safety regulations): protect domestic employment, consumers, infant industries, national security, retaliation, export promotion. Ind policies: Export based industrial / Import Substituting industry

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