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Associating the clothes company Hugo Boss with Xabi Alonso is aproppiate because he´s handsome,classy,sporty and intelligent. The advertisement suggest.Buy boss and you can be like Xabi Alonso!

Danacoll dairy products are aproppiate for Iñaki Perulena because he is,strong,in his sport is vey good, he is very energetic and it seems that Danacol gives him a lot of energy.

Hugo Boss clothes are not aproppiate for Iñaki Perulena because he isn´t very handsome, he is not internationaly very famous, he is not class and he would nerver endorse that types of products. To endorse this kind of product the person sold be thin her and more handsome.

Comparative,superlative(a,h)-Alliteration(b,g)-Data claims(d,f)-High cuality adjectis(c,e).

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