Compare rationalism and empiricism

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7. Differences between realism & phenomenalism?
Nature defect of knowledge in realism. There is naive and critical realism. In general terms realism holds that reality exists independently of the subject of knowledge to one thing is the mental representation of reality postulates.

8. What is metaphysics?
The branch of philosophy that deals with the firsts principles of things; including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, identity, time and space.
9. What is knowledge?
Facts and skills acquired by a person through education.
10. Compare empirism and rationalism?
Empirism: sense experience our mind is we a blank page, that is being filled through the senses. No innate ideal.
Rationalism: experience is not a reliable source, senses show appearances of reality, not reality belief. Leason is the chief source of knowledge. Intuition--> innate ideas.
11. Differences universalism-relativism?
They both refer to the natural codes. According to universalism, there are different moral codes that are equially valid. Universalism--> one utopic moral code that is valid.

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