Comparing the surface wind to the 3000ft wind:

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1. Geodesy: Part of the geology that Determines in mathematical form the figure and magnitude of the Earth or of Much of it.

2. Cartography: Science that studies maps And charts and how to perform them.

3. Anthropology: Science that studies the Physical aspects and social and cultural manifestations of human communities.

4. Economy: Science that studies resources, Wealth creation and the production, distribution and consumption of goods and Services.

5. Volcanology: Part of the geology that Studies the volcanoes and the phenomena that are related to them.

6. Sociology: Study of human societies and Religious, economic, artistic, etc. Phenomena occurring in them.

7. Geophysics: Part of the geology that Studies the structure and composition of the Earth and the physical agents that Modify it.

8. Meteorology: Part of physics that Studies the phenomena of the atmosphere, climatology, wind, rain, lightning, Etc.

9. Seismology: Part of the geology that Studies earthquakes.

10. Geology: Science that studies the Origin, formation and evolution of the Earth, the materials that compose it and Its structure.

11. Scientific method: it is an orderly Series of procedures that makes use of scientific research

12. Evolution: Gradual change or Transformation of something, such as a state, a circumstance, a situation, some Ideas, etc.

13. Relief: Setting up a surface with Different levels or parts that protrude more or less.

14. Subsoil: Part of ground below ground.

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