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5 - Explain what is characteristic of modern anthropology and illustrated.

Descartes is the bearer of camibo which gives the catergories philosophical subject, referring to humans, function and character of theoretical and practical grounds similar to those that had played the old metaphysics. This primacy of subjectivity and consciousness has been a rasta distinctive modern philosophy and domintante in it until the twentieth century.

Along with the philosophical dominance of the category of the subject we have just noted, the entire set of facts that are summarized by the term Enlightenment, involves a new situation of man in history to those areas affected by this phenomenon. In regard to the conception of man, the Enlightenment has indicated two dimensions:

Man has become a specific subject knowledge and the time has become a subject of universal rights.

4 - Explain the Renaissance anthropology.

In the modern era there was a transition in the beginning, that was passed from a theocentric world view, a doctrine that God is the center of the universe , all things were created by Him, is directed by him and there is no reason the desire of God upon the human will, to an anthropocentric view, doctrine that the world looks from the perspective of man. It seeks to establish a parallel between the cosmological transformation represented by Copernicus and Galileo Kpler step of the geocentric theory of the heliocentric theory, and between the receipt of a life centered on the faculties of man aspiracions and capabilities.

According to the thought of Pico della Mirandola to go to God we start from the same man, that man was created by God without giving a proper definition, not a face of its own, or subjected to any narrow path. For the image and the jobs they want for themselves, the have and possess their own decision and choice. As a modeler and sculptor himself.

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