When a competitive market becomes controlled by a monopoly, the price ________ and the output ________.

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                                                                                                               23rd november 2018

restaurant florentino

the fichajes market

2 offensive players

Goals HD76 CR7

Dear manager,

as customer of your restaurant, i am going to complain about some aspects that had passed to me some days ago in your restaurant.

With reference to the food, it was in some cases very disgusting because, some plates had hair, others, were cold. Another claim is that all the waiters were very late and impolite with the customers.

Furthermore, the toilets were not clean, some waiters had their uniform horrible, an one plate it wasnt clean by the cleaner.

Finally, the price you offer is higher than other restaurants that are more competitive and better than yours.

To sum up, your restaurant have to increase some aspects like the quality of the services provided, ando change the mentality, because, in my opinion, if you dont change, you will have to close the restaurant.

Yours truly,


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