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  1. Customer service


One of the objectives of a company is customer loyalty, customer satisfaction. Everybody in the company should be involved in customer care. Customers are a permanent source of profitability for a company (no customers = no company).

The objective is not only to prevent customers going to competitors but also to make them trust you for future services (customer loyalty)

It is more expensive to get new customers than to keep those you have

To assist and help customers you need to train your employees.  One of the mistakes of many companies is to have a customer service department with unmotivated and poorly-trained staff.

Principles of customer service:

  1. They are the most important individuals

  2. The company depends on them (not the other way around)

  3. We work in a company because they exist, they are our “work”

  4. They seek a good or service that should be provided

  5. They are not a number, they must be treated with respect

  6. The customer is the backbone of the company

1.2 Customer service department

The entire staff should be involved in providing adequate customer care.

They don´t only handle complaints, but also gather information through claims or suggestions

It should provide

  1. a sense of confidence to customers

  2. a quick response

  3. highly motivated and professional staff (hard and soft skills)

  4. be readily accessible to customers

  5. a professional and polite assistance, and adequate infrastructure.

Advantages of having a quality customer service department:

  • It increases customer loyalty

  • It encourages participation in its market share

  • It raises profitability for the company

  • It gets new customers

  • It saves costs

  • It provides a better company image

Customer service channels

Customers may be assisted through:

Personal channel : it`s expensive but it helps to make lasting relationships with customers

Phone channel: it has lower costs and it´s done mainly through call centres

Printed channel: nowadays useful only when a customer wants to file a claim or complaint

Electronic channel: very low cost, very frequent nowadays. Disadvantage: no direct contact with client.

Staff of the customer service department

The staff working in a customer service department should be:

  • Properly trained in the use of technologies and information

  • They must know the products and services offered by the company (courses)

  • Must be provided with some flexibility and responsibility to deal with customers

  • They should have an incentive and remuneration programme

  • Staff should be qualified and have empathy skills , interpersonal skills, communication skills, etc (soft skills)

  • Once selected, staff should have a proper training programme and should know all departments in the company.

Functions of the customer service department

Internally (within the company)

  1. Make recommendations to other departments

  2. Present proposals to improve management

  3. Report on the functions performed

  4. Keep a record of complaints and claims

Externally (with customers)

  1. Provide customers with information about products and/or services

  2. Collect and analyse suggestions (from questionnaires, surveys, etc)

  3. Address and solve claims and complaints

  4. Inform customers about the procedures when there is a complaint/claim

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