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P.Simple—past simple: s en la 3/does,don’t pasa a (2 colum/ ed “-“ didn’t + inf), presente continuos— past continuos: be+ ing “-“be not + ing pasa a was(3 per)/were + ing. Pesente perfecto—past perfect: have/has + 3per/es pasa a had + 3 colum/ed” -“ hadn’t + 3 columna, pasado perfecto— pasado perfecto: had+ 3 column “-“ hadn’t + 3 column, can—could, will—would, must—had to, may—might.. I-he/she, you-I/he/she/we/they, we-they, me- him/her, you- me/him/her/us/them, us-them, my- his/her, your: my/his/her/our/their, our-their.. Here-there, this-that, these-those, now-then, today-that day, tonight-that night, tomorrow- the next, yesterday- the day before, next week/month/year- the following, last week/month/year-the previous, a year… ago- a year before, the day after tomorrow- in two days time.. carbon footprint= huella de carbon, desertification= desertificación, dump= tirar, eco-friendly= respetar medio ambiente, endangered species= peligro de extinción, flooding= inundación, fossil fuels= combustibles fósiles, greenhouse effect= efecto invernadero, hazardous= Peligroso, landfill= vertedero, melt= derretirse, soil=suelo/ tierra, waste= malgastar, environment= medio ambiente, pollute= contaminar,  pollution= contaminación, climate change= el cambio climático, deforestation= deforestación, disposable products= 1 solo uso, use up natural resources= acabar los recursos naturales, rubbish= basura, decompose= descomponer, renewable energy

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