Compound sentences coordinated and subordinated

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copular (i, e, ni)
Adversative (but, but, nevertheless, however)
Disjunctive (o, u)
Distributive (ya. And, well ... well .. some others that this ...)
Explanatory (ie bone, that is)
Subordiinadas adjective
unspecified (just arrived)
explixativas (who, whom, that which)
substantive (which covers much)
Adverbial subordinate
Place (where)
time (when, while, as, and as)
mode (as)
Causal (because, then, since because of that)
end (so that so that, for the purpose that)
concessive (although, despite that, and even more than)
Conditional (if, on the assumption that, unless)
Consecutive (so therefore of course)
compare (so, therefore, ams less)
Subordinated substantive
· Subject: Begun by subordinating nexus (what, who, ....) Or without connection through an infinitive.
· Attribute: start with that, sometimes followed by infinitive. These can also be Adverbial Consecutive S.
· CD: Begun by subordinating link (which, yes, pronoun or adverbiointerrogativo, whatever), using the infinitive, or by direct style (A said: "B").
· Supplement: start with "preposition + which" or "Preposition + infinitive"
· CN.: Begun by preposition (usually "of") + it, go after the noun complement.
· Cadjan.: Begun by adjective and preposition (usually "of") + it, go after the noun complement.
-C. Adverb: can be replaced by a pronoun: above that, besides that, before that, so close to it ..

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