How do computers affect the way people work spend free time?

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Many people find immigration very important but others do not share the same opininion. The question of whether immigrants affect our lives or not has recently become a burning issue.

On the one hand, the arguments in favour of immigration are very solid ones. In the first place, some believe that immigration brings many advantages to a country both for the economy and society in general. In addition, job vacancies and skills gaps can be filled. Finally, host countries are enriched by cultural diversity.
On the other hand, the arguments against immigration are equally cogent. First of all increases in population can put pressure on public services. Moreover, having workers willing to work for a relatively low pay may allow employers to ignore productivity, training and innovation. Last but not least, immigrants can be exploited by unescrupulus employers.
As far as I concerned, I believe that citizens of the host country should realise that the time has come for them to make a clear statement on this matter and to reach a decision based on that respect each other.

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