How do computers affect the way people work spend free time?

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An informal email.

hi ana! I.M fine thanks you,
 I hope you are too. I´d love
 to go for a walk on Sunday,
 It´s perfect!.
did I tell you about my pyjama
 party? Some fiends and I decided
 to have a party in my house to
 celebrate de beginnig of Easter 
holidays. We ordened some kebabs
 in the new place which was opened
 two months ago. The problem is that
 the boy didn´t know my street, so we
 went out to find him. Unfortunately,
 one of my firends closed the door 
behind we couldn´t go into again, an 
at that moment there was a procession 
along my street! We wwere really embarrassed!
any way, what time shall we meet on Sunday?
 i´m looking forward to the walk.

Advertising does more harm than good
it is often said that advertisements can do 
more harm than good. However, I disagree
 with this.
one the one hand, there arecases in which 
you don´t need an item, for example, a 
digital camera, ut after seeing on advert 
where the camera is very well promoted, 
you decide to buy it, this way, you spend
 a sum of moneythat you could save to
 buy other more important things.
on the other hand, it is clear that advertising
 is neccesary forthe companies to promote
 their items.
consequently, coustomers can choose the
 best item to boy. In addiction, there are 
many peoplewho work in the advertising 
in conclusion, I believe that advertising does
 good, but customers must be careful and buy
 yhe things that they really need.

Individual sports are betther than team sports.
it´s clear that everybody should practise ports
 if they want to be healthy. Nnevertheless, there
 are some people who think that individual 
sports are better than team sports.
on the one hand, if you do sports on your 
own, you may learn to be independent. What´s
 more you needn´t compete with other sports 
people and you don´t have to be responsible 
for other people´s success.
on the other hand, when you practise team 
sports, you can learn how to cooperate with 
others, so this activity might be more motivating.
 in addiction, it is fantastic for people who need
 to socialise.
all in all, in my opinion team sports are betther,
 for example football, which i practise twice a
 week, on Monday an Wednesdays. However,
 I understand that there are people who prefer
 individual sports. Anyway, sports are necessary 
in one way or another.


Present Simple – past simple

Present continous – past continuous.

Past simple – past perfect

Past continouos – pas perfect continouos

Present perfect – past perfect

Past perfect – past perfect

Will – Would

Can – could

Must – had to

This – that

These – Those

Here – There

Now – then

Today – That day

Tonight – that Night

Yesterday – The day before

Tomorrow – The next day

Next – the following

Last – the previous

Ago – Before

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