How do computers affect the way people work spend free time?

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Control System: Sistema de control HVAC is important in the design of medium to large industrial and Office buildings such asskyscrapers. Intercom: intercomunicador.Master panel: panel principal.Motion detection: detector de Movimiento.Motorized valvevs: Valvulas motorizadas. Shading: Sombreado Billing cicle:ciclo de Facturacion.Watts: vatios Rocket:cohete Transponders:transpondedores.Printed Circuit board: placa de circuito impreso.

PROS CONTRAS MOVIL:Mobile phones are becoming increasingly popular Nowadays.Everbody has one or more mobiles. It is very important role in our Lives. Young people usually feel they cannot live without their mobile.On the One hand, mobile phones are very practical in many everday life situations. You Save a lot of time and money. It is very useful at work, particulary in some Job and businesses. It is essential for a big company. Other andventage is that Parents know where their children are. You can also use it to play with it. On the other hand, mobiles Have lots of disadvantages. Some people think that they can be dangerous Because of the radioactive waves they need to work, also some people think that Their personal information could be stolen. It can also be an addiction for Many people who feel afraid of not having a mobile with them.  To sum up, I think mobiles are a big part of Our lives if we know how to use them properly. AHORRO ENERGETICO Nowadays many people are interested in saving energy, to do so, they like Living in smart houses which have light sensors and other remote control devices. They also use energy saving lightbulbs. On one hand the use of this smart Houses will allow you to save energy, and so a smaller cost in the electricity Bill, also if they use smart technology in their homes they will be able to Control it through their phones. On the other hand the cost of this Installation, the energy saving lightbulbs and other energy saving devices can Be high. To sum up, it all depends on the level of the technology that you want To install but you should also check the energy bill. TECNOLOGIA Nowadays we use a lot of new technologies, like for Example to contact each other, have fun, or even to do dangerous tasks that Robots will do for us. On one hand, scientist think that this technology is Useful to do those dangerous tasks for us, but on the other hand this kind of Technology will reduce some of the jobs that people do now, which will leave a Lot of unemployed people. In my opinion technology won’t reduce the amount of People who have a job, moreover I think it will create new jobs for maintenance And development of these machines.

NO ESCRIBIMOS Nowadays people use social networks, and emails to contact other Family members and friends. This texts are short and direct and like on twitter It only allows you to write 140 letters. On one hand this technology allows People to contact each other instantly even when they are far away, also this Kind of communication is free. On the other hand this text messages are written In a shortened way using a poor language, which will make teenagers write poorly. In conclusion, text messages are useful but we should write them properly. CARTA I’m applying for the post of Electrician, which was advertised on the newspaper on the 23rd of May. I could start working right now as I have just finished my old contract With another company. I also have my driving license and my own car.. I’m interested In the job because I think this is a big company which has been going on for More than twenty years, and I would like to become an important employee in Your company.. I have worked for the Taller electric Saborit for the past four Years where I fixed engines and electric panels which has become my greatest Strength..  Thank you for time. I look Forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully, nombre ARREGLO COMPLAINT On the first place I took the phone to a repair Shop because it was too slow, but when I got it back I saw that the screen was Scratched. I told that to the shop supervisor, who was very rude and didn’t Want to take care of the scratched screen, so I asked for the complaints book. In that moment the supervisor got really aggressive, and started to harass me Verbally, he said things like “subnormal”. After that I called the police, when They got to the shop the supervisor finally gave me the complaints book.. I Think I should get my screen repaired for free, and an apology from the shop Supervisor.

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