How do computers affect the way people work spend free time?

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6)I want to go jogging early in the morning.I must get up at 7 am. -My school has got very stict rules.I have to be here at 8:30 sharp. -You don´t have to buy a new handbag, I can lend you mine. -Ihave two free tickets for the cinema.We don´t have to pay anything. -You mustn´t smoke in any public building.7)There isn´t any food in the fridge. -My wallet is empty.Ihave got no money left. -I bought a kilo of apples and some cheese yesterday. -Is there any sugar for the cake?. -Would you like any tea?. -I´m very busy.I have no time to talk to you.8)-I have some photos of our holiday in ireland. -Some people wanted to come to your party. -Do you want some cake?. -Sorry,I don´t have any information about your sister. -Sorry,I have no money to give you. -Look,Ibrought you some flowers. -Mary is a lone child.She has no brother or sisters. -Do you have have questions?. -Oh, I don´t have any milk and i must have some breakfast.9)-I have a lot of brothers and sisters.Ihave 3 Brothers and 5 sisters. -There were a lot of people at your party. -I don´t have much information about the exam. -Sam bought a lot of milk. Do you want some?. -She doesn´t have much time, so please be quick. -We had a lot of cereal this morning for breakfast,We don´t want any lunch. -If you want to lose weight, you have to eat a lot of vegetables. -A lot of children have to work at a very early age. -When i am famous going to earn a lot of money. -There isn´t much hot water,so have a quick shower.

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