How do computers affect the way people work spend free time?

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-wanted to Grow their own food.

-was not used To grow produce before they bought it.

-the use of farming methods that do not cause Environmental damage

-decides Whether produce can be called organic

-your farming practices are approved by its Inspectors.

-when the Soil Association was just starting to Function.

-had some Problems meeting their customers’ needs.

-of a general tendency towards protecting the Environment.


-a friend who can make your life difficult

-no one in particular but it’s becoming widely Accepted.

-A friend who will never be supportive of things we Want to do.

-analyse our relationships with our friends very Often.

-avoid them from time to time.

-is easier to solve for men.

-tires you telling you about her problems.

-the toxic friends’s problem cannot always be solved By therapy.


-very often people who were captured from enemy Armies.

-justifications to enslave people were different from Today.

-the number of slaves was less than in present times.

-there are forms of exploitation that are equivalent To slavery.

-in contradiction with existing laws against it.

-are affected by forms of slavery, as men and people Of all ages are.

-are some of the most important factors for the return Of slavery.

-slaves are now cheaper and easier to replace.


-a teenager can solve most problems with computers


-have a richer social life.

-may behave violently in real life.

-phonetic shorthand.

-Instant Messaging shows that young generations are More

and more uneducated.

-disagree about the influence of text messaging in School work.

-an adult who reflects on the use of new technology Among kids.

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