How do computers affect the way you spend your free time

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Spent your Free time (190):  When I have free time I usually spend doing outdoor activities, I go for a walk, I Go cycling, I visit some river with my friends, I walk on the beach or I take Some food on a terrace. 1. In Valencia it is sunny almost every day and I enjoy doing all these activities Outdoors. In summer, as it is too hot, I try not to go out in the morning to Places where it is very hot, so I take the opportunity to go to a restaurant, To the cinema, or to go to air-conditioned shopping centers. 2.  At night I go to bed late because the heat does not let me sleep, so I Take advantage and go out with my friends for a beer, go out to a pub or do Something outdoors. 3. When I have Several days off I also like to go camping, if I have a few days off I go to Teruel and if I have a week, I go to Asturias because I love the landscape and The weather there in summer. It is one of my favorite places to travel. My holidays (234): This summer I have not gone on holidays because I have Been working, but last year I was in Portugal for fifteen days, from the sixth To the twentieth of August. I travelled there with three friends by car. 1. We did the reservation of the hotels From here. We reserved hotel in three cities: Oporto, Lisboa and Figueira da Foz.The first day I drove from Santurtzi to Oporto. We visited Ciudad Rodrigo and going to Portugal, we Stopped to eat at Viseu. We arrived in Oporto in the afternoon, we got to the Hotel and we left the suitcases. Then we went to see the city at night. 2. The next day my friends and I saw The city on a tourist bus.The Following days we were visiting the different countries: Guimaraes, Braga, Aveiro, but always coming to the hotel in Oporto at night. The fifth day we Went from Oporto to Lisboa. On the way we stopped to see the monastery Batalha, It is very beautiful. Also we stopped in Fátima, and last we went to see the Temple castle in Tomar. 3. The Weather was very hot there.When we Arrived to Lisboa we sat down in the terrace of a bar and drank a large glass Of beer. For six days we went in Lisboa, we wanted to see the entire city. We Travelled by tranvía, by metro and on foot. 

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