How do computers affect the way you spend your free time

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We  are going to talk about the controversy caused by advertiser and publicity. Publicity is becoming more abundant and we can see it everywhere, but it has good and bad effects for people.

On the one hand, the advertisements are very useful because they show us a lot of products that we can use for a lot of things, futthermore these advertisements make a lot of people save money. Also they let them buy a lot of bargain prices.
On the other hand, the advertisements are sometimes very annoying and they make people think that they need to buy something that they really don´t need. The advertisement make us lose money more easily too.
In conclusion I think that we should censore publicity but only let advertisements in shops, for information about the bargain prices in the shop.

I'm going to talk about technology and his advantages and disadvantages.
In the first place everybody know how the technology is developed in the world very fast. Today we can found objects that we can't imagine in the past thanks to the technology like computers or mobile phones... But technology onthe one hand help us but on the other hand can be bad for us.
On the opne hand, the technology is so useful because let us to make a lot of things that in the past we can't make like keep in contact with people who are in another side of the world. The technology also let us make our job easily and we used to spend our free time with new technology objects for fun.
On the other hand, the technology is for teenagers a distraction because teenagers prefer play video games or chat on the Internet than study. Moreover the use of these technology can be adictive and usually the technology is too expensive.
It is clear tht there are both advantages and disadvantages to the technology but I think that use it isn't bad if you don't use it in excess

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