How do computers affect the way you spend your free time

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the youth today are becoming more attacked to their tecnhnology.  Technology is a great way to stay entertained but it is disconnecting people.
In the case of phones the companies have won a lot of money however the advences in the tecnhology are so expensive. Nowadays computers and information systems are essential ports of every business today therefore the companies couldn´t work without it, most people I talk with recognize the necessity of having computer , an email addness, and a website.
The tecnhology has been created to improve our society for instance reaching more potential customers, providing better servive to customer spend too much on technology and it will cosume your time and budget, leaving you will prepared to do anything else on your business. You need to implement enough tecnhology to see a real benefit. From my point of vew the tecnholoy hasn't invented to win money at the contrary us to win money.

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