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0) Why hadn´t Antonio visited New York before?

Because Antonio´s family moved to Spain just before his 12th birthday and he never got the opportunity to visit New York.

 1)Why is it difficult to talk about a real New Yorker?

Because people from different races and cultures have been coming to New York to have a better life for themselves since the city was founded and it has always had a mixture of cultures and religion. Tere are people there from every part of the world and they're all 'real' NewYorkers

How did passing through Times Square affect Antonio and why?

He was speechless because it was like seeing your favorite movie star in person. He had seen these streets so many times in the movie and now he was really here

 Why did Antonio´s father say that the Hell´s kitchen neighborhood was though?

Because it was very near the piers where the ships used to arrive and there were a lot of gangs in the area. It doesn't look so dangerous

 Why did Times Square remind Antonio of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid?

Because there was a building in Times Square where a ball comes down during the countdown to midnight on NewYE

2) What does Thanksgiving commemorate?

Thankgi was one of he favourite holidays. It commemorates how the Native Americans helped the first English settlers in Massachusetts survive their first difficult year in the new world.

 Which groups of people take part in the big parade on Thanksgiving morning?

There are marching bands from high schools, from all over the country play in it. There are also lots of cowns and famous people who ride in elaborate floats.

Explain how the orphans´ dinner its name.

Because Elaine and Jason have got a group of friends who can't be with their families for Thanksgiving. That´s why they call themselves orphans.

 Why was Antonio surprised when he entered the loft apartment?

Because it was the largest apartment where Antonio have ever been. It was so big that one of the guest was ridin bicigle around it. There was a grand piano in the middle of the room 

Why are there newspapers written in Spanish in New York?

Because there´s a very large Hispanic population in New York. With people from almost every part of Latin America. 

3)Why was Antonio happy to spend a day relaxing with Jason?

Because his body was still getting accustomed Spain's time.

What did Elaine tell Antonio about the subway in New York?

Elaine explained that the New York subway system was the first to have express trains and that it makes trips shorter for people who need to travel a long distance.

Why was Elli´s Island important in the past?

Because immigrants passed through Ellis Island to be processed, make this the great city that it is today.

Who gave the Statue of Liberty to America and why?

The statue was a gift from the French government in 1876 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the USA. The satute was finally erected in 1886

What made leaving difficult for the new immigrants?

They left their countries, their cultures, their friends, their families… all this had made it difficult. It's hard for us

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