How do computers affect the way you spend your free time

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To be worthuhile: sentir-se voluós. current (news).Stock market: bolsa. Stocks: “Stock” d’un Producte. Shares: accions. I (recken) that: think, belive. I’m a bit rusty: estar robellat. A stir-fry. To mingle: interactuar. To photo bomb:  fer el tonto a les fotos. Empror/empress:  emperador emperatriu. Not my cop of tea/not her/his cup…: expressió no és lo seu, …He doen’st mind thing (waking up): no li importa llevar-se d’hora. Puddle: charco. A well:  pou (d’aigua). Bowling alley: boleraCry out to: to clearly need something a lot. To trowl the internet: to search a lot of information. Made up of: to be composed of. Peer review:  evaluation of work done by more than people. To sift through: to examine all parts of something.To diseminate idees: to make something avaliable to a lot of people. Mind cloud: mente cerrada.Recipe: instruction on How to cook a dish  Fact: True piece of Information (eg statistic) Cry out for: to clearly need something a lot To trawl the internet: to search through a lot of information Made up for: to be composed of Peer review: evaluation of work done by more then one person To sift through: to examine all parts of something  To disseminate ideas: to make something available to a lot of people Witness: Testigo Persuasive: something that convince you

Intriguing: Mistery//something that captivate/interest you Shuttle bus: specific service (ex for tourists) Non-bias: You aren’t Objective bet: check it clearly
I think no = I Dont think so !
I’m not agree = I Disagree/ don’t agree !
I neither for or against that
, I dont have a strong opinion for either. I’m sitting on the fence = in the middleGoing viral: something that is so shared Set out: start an activity With an objective Sprouted: suddenly appeared Picked up: learned about Shot: filmed/recorded Green-light: give permission to be worth wile: to be valuable current news: recent news stock market: borsa mind cloud: mental map brains storm: lluvia de ideas to came up with: have a idea esculpture: escultura picture: quadro entrance fee: precio entrada tour guide: guia turistico ticket gallery: entrada galeria subject matter theme: type of museum. Hands on: Something you Can touch speciment: plant or animal. An example of a dead animal or plant, rocks Dangerous species: especie peligrosa a stuffed animal: animal disecado a fun day out: to spend a fun day experimental projects: proyectos experimentales predictions trends: someting predictable like modas. leisure activities: something you can do on your free time Spending pattern: what people spend more money on to nag: foten bronca awareness: conscious of something fancy: es igual que: do you want? pronpt: paraules que ajuden a entendre blended average: preu mitja del mayorista mark up: marge wholesales: mayorista wand: bareta a ratchet:condicions tea spoon: cullarado de sucre pel te i was miles away: estava a al lluna sales pitch: discurs per vendre shore: propietari  sense arribar al 50% stake: propietari amb mes del 50% Awfull: miserable It’s raining cats and dogs: expressió. It thrawing it clown: raining heavity. To be reknown: forwars for. I’m wet through: mojado. I’m soaked: empapado. It’s bucketing it down: “com si et tiressin una galleda d’aigua” expressió. Lighting Grow plant Solar power Solar panels To halt: to stop. Humankind: humanidad. Likelihood: con toda probabilidad.

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