How do computers affect the way you spend your free time

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in these Days of quarantine I do absolutely nothing. My routine is boring as the Quarantine itself.

First I get Up at 12 o'clock, I usually want be sleeping, but my dad gets mad and pulls me Out of bed to go to study. Obviously, I don't do anything and I keep sleeping Until I'm called back to eat.

When I Finish eating, I go back up to my room and spend some time on my cell phone to approximately 3 p.M. I sit down at my desk to do some homework and I finished at approximately 7 p.M.

At 8 o’clock I go down to dinner since in my family we eat quite early. An hour later (in This time I am playing computer games because I have free time) I go to take a Shower and then go to bed. I still never go to bed early, since this days I Usually go to sleep at 5 in the morning because I talk to my friends or watch Some tv series.

The next day I get up late and everything is repeated, but, some days I go to exercise in my Garage (play tennis, do martial arts...)

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