Concept context epistemology in comparative political science

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  1. social science: the disciplines that study the human social behavior or the institutions and functions of human society in scientific manner.
  2. sociology: studies "human society and social behavior".
  3. psychology: the social science that studies the behavior and mental processes of individuals.
  4. anthropology: the comparative study of various aspects of past and present cultures.
  5. social phenomenon: an observable fact or event that involves human society.
  6. sociological perspective: viewing social life in a "scientific, systematic way".
  7. sociology imagination: "ability to see the connection between the larger world and our personal lives".
  8. functionalist perspective: a theoretical perspective that view society as a set of unrelated parts that work together to produce a stable social system. 
  9. conflict perspective: a theoretical perspective that focuses on those forces in society that promote competition and change. Inspiring by Carl Marx.
  10. Globalization: the development of economic, political, social relationships that stretch the worldwide.
  11. Variable: A characteristic that can differ from one individual, group, or situation to another in a measurable way. Two types: independent and dependent. 

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