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Current economic blocks
-Asian Tigers: south korea,taiwan,hong Kong and singapore. Technology industry has led to emergence of asian tigers.
-countries with petroleum: are very important because is the most widely used energy sources across the globe
-BRICS: brazil,russia,india,china,south africa. They arent a distinct group, all of them have a rapidly growing economy and becoming more important.
-world economic leaders: united states, europe and japan, their importance is shared with other countries. Canada and Australia have developed economies, less global inluence.
soil and its conservation
the destruction of the soil leads to desertification. Its happens before a fire, a tree cut or in an over exploited agricultural land. In any of these cases the vegetation is eliminated. Therefore the soil isnt protected against erosion produced by rain. Te soil is eroded by water and the land cant supporte vegetal life in the future.
the demand of the water
fresh water is renewable and is in scare supply on our planet.
pollution and overexploitation of aquifers or wasterfuluse these resources are dangers due to its consumption in developed countries.
the ability of drinking water for people and animals doesent depend on the being dry or wet, but on its level of development. Countries in central afica dont have a sewerage system or a water distribution network.
the disponibility of water depends on the level of development more than on the climate.
welfare state:education,healthcare,unemployment subsidies and retirement pensions
sectors:-primary:obtain resources directly from raw materials(agriculture,livestock)//-secondary:converting raw materials into manufactured products(industry,motorways)//-tertiary:lending services(restaurant,education) 

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