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1.What are the two perspectives of marketing? Philosophy and Technique

2.Who first mentioned the concept of Marketing-mix? Neil Borden.

3.Do all Companies are marketing oriented? No, companies can be Sales or Marketing oriented.

4.What is the Difference between the four "p" and the "four cs.”(Que Diferencia hay entre las 4 P y las 4 C? From a customers’s point of view, The 4 P’s of marketing become the 4 C’s.

1.What decisions includes sales Management?[1]  ?Que decision incluye la gestion de ventas?

vStrategic decisión -Selection training -Motivation 

vSupervision And compensation of sales team.

What is the current organization of A marketing department?

vStructure by products - vStructure by markets:

What are basic types of marketing Strategies?

-Growth strategies - segmentations strategies - positioning stratategies -competitive strategies.

What are the advantages of segmentation strategy?

-          Facilitates A study of the competition

What are porter’s strategies?

-Cost Strategy

-Differentiation strategy

What is the evaluation of the Marketing strategy?

-Adequacy - Validity - Consistency - Feasibility

-         - Vulnerability - potential result

Definition of product and The two approaches in product management

1.Focused in the product itself

2.Focused on the consumer’s needs

List ten of the product decisions and briefly explain what they mean

3.Current product positioning

4.Brand product positioning

5.Identifying target segment

6.Modifications and changes in products

7.Positioning of product line

Depending on who buys the Goods, products can be:

·Consumer Product - Industrial Product

According to their Duration, consumer goods can be:

·Non-durable consumer goods - Durable consumer goods

List the main features of Non-durable consumer goods. 

·Impulse buying - Cash payment - Price, important purchase factor

·High stock rotation - Low gross margins -Long distribution processes

According to the frequency of purchase consumer products can be: 

·Convenience goods - Shopping goods -  Specialty goods

What are the formal Aspects and added aspects of the product attributes according to Kotler.

-Formal aspects: quality, brand, packing, design

-Added aspects: post-sales service, maintenance, Warrantees, installation, delivery, financing.

The total product, According to Levitt is the sum of what components?

-The generic Product.- The expected product. - The augmented product.  t he potential product.

Condition factors in price: 

1.Legal framework - Market and competition - Company objectives 

4.Interested parties - Response to demand -Product lifecycle 

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