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questions: 1. How much does the tour cost?.2. When did you buy this computer?

present perfect: 3. Those man have been volunteer rescue workers for more than ten years. 4. The search party have been in the area since 5:00. 5.I haven't seen Edward for three days. 6. They have never entered the competition before. 7. I haven't made friends in my new school yet.
past simple & continuous: 8. I visited many beautiful places while i was touring Thailand. 9. I was flying to new York when i met Brad. 10. It began to rain while we were searching for the missing girl.
past simple & perfect: 11. The firefighters put out the fire after they had goy everyone out of the building. 12. They fell in love after they had been clse friends for years. 13. After he had made three unsuccessful films, he finally made a box-office hit.
intentions: 14. I am going to go to the local festival tomorrow. 15. We are bringing more rescue workers to the area this afternoon.
future perfect & continuous: 16. I will be studying at 11 o'clock. 17. I will have finished my work by the time they arrive.
18. I will be exercising at 8.30. 19. I am sure that i will be working next year
conditionals: 20. If she hadn't been too tall, she would have got the role. 21. I'd buy these shoes if they were comfortable. 22. If i hadn't taken my credit card, i would have paid in cash.
23. If he had a job, he could pay the rent. 24. If i had had time, i would have read your blog. 25. I won't go shopping unless you come with me.26. Unless you promise to keep this photo secret, i won't send it to you.
modals: 27. Joshua bell must have been disappointed. 28. The might have been the first film he directed. 29. They might haven't finished their education. 30. You shouldn't have shouted at me. 31. You needn't respond to every friend request. 32. He should have thought before positing those comments. 33. My brother and i aren't able to get along.  33. The actor wasn't able to remember his lines.
passive: 35. A film is going to be shot in my street tomorrow. 36. Thousands of homeless people have been by this program. 37. By whom was the twiter logo designed?. 38. A new volunteer programe in being started in our school. 39. Tickets can't be bought online for the local cinema.
reported speech: 40. My friend advice me not to run away from home. 41. A shop owner asked us why we were standing there. 42. The woman said that she had slept at a shelter the night before. 23. The teacher told his students that their reports were due the following day.
relatives: 44. I can't log into my new twiter account which i opened yesterday. 45. Her website raises money for people who are homeless. 46. I remember the day when i forgot to log out my Facebook page. 47. My english teacher, whose name is julio, is an excellent teacher.

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