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From Alex

I am writting in response to the problem that affects our daily life

School bullying is an act that having physically, verbally, emotionally or electronically connections to the victim which connected to education. It takes place either inside or outside of the schools. School bullying can be categorized in types and the common acts that used to target on the victims. Bullying can always happen through physically, emotionally, verbally and electronically. This always repeated in a period of time. Eventually, school bullying happens in every single corner in the school. The most happening areas are toilets, hallways, corridors, canteen, abandoned classrooms, school buses or bus stops. Besides, during PE class and recess time is the all time favorites for school bullies to take action on their target.

School bullies always comes with a group of students who are under controlled by a so called leader in the group. Their motive is to conquer and rule the school among the students. They will search for their target and eventually start their mission on those weak victims. The group of students takes advantage or isolates particular student and gain the loyalty from the bystanders who wants to avoid being the next victim. These school bullies will first tease and taunt their target before physically attack the target. The targets of bullies in school are students who are weak and low-self esteem, or treated as a freak by their peers. Students who are extraordinary if compared to their peers will treat differently by their peers either in the positive ways or vice versa.

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