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1. Round the clock                2 attendance to the lecture

every once y a while                awareness of the problem
no wonder                              violence
user friendly                           importance of education
carry on                                  addiction to computer games
state of art                             examination
come up with                        ability to run a marathon
out of date                            decision am which job you are going to take

3. Work a long hours             4. That/ where/ that/ whose/ who/ when/
information/clues                     where/ whose
live him
she song again                       5.  1e-who  2d- where  3c- whose 4a-that
footballers/ singers                      5b-when
watches it

6. The mona lisa which is one.....
what do you think of the picture? That..
the school, where i study..
there is the teacher who helped...
jeremy always bus gadgets which they..
mark, who broke his leg..
i remember a time when..
alison, whose broke his leg 

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