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The goal of the E & M department is that the hotel premises have been defined And designed properly, accordingly with the type and concept of the hotel; to The comfort of guests and the greatest efficiency, functionality, ecological Principles and operational sustainability, this “ensemble” must function in Optimal conditions…

Working tool (the hotel); Its premises, grounds, buildings and contents, including technical concerns, Equipment, furniture and decoration

The E.& M. Department is also responsible to manage and Control the electricity power, water and fuels required to operate the Property,

 From the administrative point of View, E & M is divided into:

Property management, Repairs & Maintenance and Landscaping.

Property Management: Electricity, Water, Gasand Fuel-oil.

Electrical panels, boilers, hydro-pneumatic systems, Water and other tanks, air-conditioned and other technical utilities & Appliances related to the hotel operation.

Repairs & Maintenance are performed in two Instances: Preventive maintenance: and Corrective maintenance.


Preventive Maintenance is the execution of programmed maintenance, following previous planning: Buildings, technical utilities/appliances, equipment, fixtures, furniture and Grounds of the hotel property.

The preventive maintenance schedule is planned together with the concerned Department heads in order to avoid operational disruption.

Corrective Maintenance is performed when Needed, due to unexpected physical malfunctions or damages. Must be solved as Soon as possible.

maintenance outsourcing, the maintenance of Technically sophisticated and specialized equipment is usually performed by External agents, most usually, provided by their supplier: Elevators, Telecommunications, Sound & video systems, Computer technology.

Landscaping takes care of the grounds and Land surrounding the hotel buildings, as well as outdoor sports and leisure Activities.The care of grounds and Gardens consist in planting, growing, fertilizing…


The chief engineer is directly responsible of his/her department to the hotel management (Line Accountability).

corporate or regional Technical Services director who is responsible to establish the Department’s policies and procedures to be applied in the individual hotels (Staff accountability) and Further, may supervise that these are followed. However, he has no executive Responsibility of the individual property’s performance.

The E.& M. Team, some Trades may be combined or outsourced.Storekeeper (Spare parts and Expendables), Plumber/boiler man, Electrician, Air Conditioning technicianRefrigeration technician, Electro-mechanical/welding, Painting, masonry, carpentry, upholstery and gardening.


The E&M. Department head elaborates the (yearly) budget defined by the Uniform System of Accounts for the lodging Industry – USALI, with the following information: Energies consumption: Electricity, Water, Gas and Fuels, Property management – Repairs & MaintenancewithPayroll, Expendables (Spare parts and supplies), External Maintenance contracts andRepairs & maintenance expenses, Statistics and Capital Expenditure (Capex) Budgeting (acquisitions, investments) Yearly budget also includes an acquisitions’ budget, that submits to Approval new technical utilities and equipment and/or those that need to be Replaced.


 the Design and concept of the hotel physical premises are conditioned to its defined Characteristics: Location (city, Rural…), Existing infrastructures, Climate (tropical…), Concept (full services, limited Services, apartment-hotel…), Type of Operation/market (business, cultural, resort…), Services available to guests (restaurants, bars, disco, conventions & banquets center…), Operational areas And outlets. Category (Deluxe, 5 Stars…), Type of construction (horizontal, vertical…), Size/capacity.

Hotel circulation schemes

The hotel flow and/or circulation Of guests/clients, staff and goods, must be conceived rationally. The Efficiency and profitability of the property may depend on this factor.

Housekeeping/linen Room area F&B circulation flows Technical And Services – Engineering & Maintenance 

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