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TABLE ARRANGEMENT MEALSVVIP table at centre of room, VVIP seated where everyone can see. VVIP will be seated on the host’s left.

Protocol for sporting ceremonies: Drug testing (performance enhancement) blood test & urine samples

Logistics: management of flow of goods, products, between the point of origin & point of consumption. assist the event manager identify the elements of special event & festival operations 

The eleven event logistics: 1. The Concept of Event Logistics; 2. The nature & importance of logistics in event management context; 3. Event Venue – indoor / outdoor; 4. Event Customers – customer transport, ticketing, queuing; 5. Event Product – transport, accommodation, other needs; 6. Event Equipment & Amenities; 7. Event Catering Operations; 8. VIPS and the Media; 9. Communication and information flows; 10. Event security and emergency procedures; 11. Event shutdown

Supply of the customer: flow control, ticketing, queuing, transport, Information networks – efficient flow of information during the event

Dump: audience arriving almost all at once; Trickle: event goers arrive & leave over a longer period 

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