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1.Which were the different ideological tendencies amongst liberals? (Explain each of them).

·Moderate liberals: they were monarchist And they believed in an electoral system based on censitary suffrage.

·Radical liberals: known in Spain as Exaltados and later as progresistas. Some were republicans and democrats Because they believed in a universal suffrage. They proposed a regime of Unlimited freedoms and the suppression of religious intervention in aspects of Civil life.2.Describe how The American Civil War was linked to Slavery.The Estates of the North wanted to abolish slavery, but in the South were opposed. This caused The American Civil War. The North won the war. The president Abraham Lincoln found the Republican Party and slavery was Abolished. 3.What combination of elements provoked the revolution in France In 1789?The liberal ideas of Enlightenment. The example of the United States.Inequality before the Law.Economic crisis.4.Who were the Sans Culottes? Where Did their name come from?They were men of the Lower classes in Paris who wore long trousers. They allied with the middle Class and were involved in the main events of the Revolution. Their clothing Become the uniform of the revolution5.List the reforms To domestic policy that Napoleon made during the Napoleonic Empire.

Created the civil Code.

Modernised the Education system.

Divided France into Prefectures.6.What were the objectives of the Congress of Vienna? To restore absolutism Under the new name legitimism.To create an Alliance Called the Holy Alliance.

To restore boundaries On the map of Europe7.What elements characterized 19th century nationalist movements?

A desire for Self-rule, a sense of belonging to a people, economic interests8.What were the most important characteristics of the Romanticism? In Which aspects focused on more the Romanic Art and culture?It focused on Emotional aspects.

It focused on aspects Beyond day-to-day life.

The exoticism of Distant countries.

Fantasy, melancholy, History, tragic or heroic situation.

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