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who and how subjected the incas? In beggining on 16 century a man from extremadura called Francisco Pizarro conquest the incan empire with diego de almagro that defeated  the incas in the battle of cajamarca and they seized their emperor atahualpa.

conquest of america carried aout by castilian crown: other conquest in america was the one of nuñez cabeza de vaca in florida, texas and california, almagro and pedri valdivia conquered chile and orellana travelled to the amazon.

encomienda and mita: encomienda: indians worked in exchange of protection, livelihood and religious education.Mita: were forced to work in mines in exchange for money.

americans products and castilian products in returns. Americans: corn, potatoes and cocoa.Castilians: wheat, cattle and sheeps, vines , horses and weapons.

houses of trade: was created at the beggining of the 16 c in seville to control the commercial, traffical and ensure the collection of the royal fifth (20%) between america and spain.

colonial society  and nativeigh groups:  colonial society was divided after arrival of spanish in 2 groups: those who came from castile have all the powers of colonial lands.Creoles: settlers descendants born in america, mestizo: mixed races, children of indian and spanish and black people:brought as slaves from africa.

bartolome las casas: was a priest who denounced the explotation of blacks and called to improve the lives of natives, with indian laws.

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