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Extreme sports are leisure or professionals activities that have some risk.

Nowadays, extreme sports are a very popular activity.​ Many people think they are funny and challenging. However, many others say they could be dangerous in some cases. In my opinion, if this kind of activities are well controlled they can be enjoyable and healthy.

First of all, it is clear that if those activities are legal and their security has been checked, the probabilities of something happening are very few, so we don´t have to be afraid of practising them.

In addition, these kind of sports could be a good way to get rid of stress and, this way, to relax. Moreover, extreme sports cause an increase of adrenaline and they can help to our psychological health.

In conclusion, these activities can be very useful in our lives and helpful to our health. However, it is necessary to practise them in good conditions and also to check security so as to reduce the danger.

Nowadays, social networks are really present in our society. Many people talk about them as if they were a problem or a danger. However, I am sure that they can provide us good choices to get different benefits in our daily life.  I think they are really useful, and their advantages are more than their dangers.

First of all, social networks are useful to find out what occurs in other parts of the world and how is the situation there. They can also be a good way to look for help when some problems occur, for example, when someone needs an urgent organ-donation. In addition, they allow us to keep in touch with friends and relatives that don't  live close to us and so we can't normally see. What is more, using them we can find out useful information for some works, or, simply, for our knowledge.

In conclusion, social networks are good, we decide if we use them for good or for bad. So, are social network really useful or could they be dangerous?

Many people think, that education in Spain is good for all of us and brings out the best from every student. For many others it is a completely disaster. In my opinion, students don't benefit from the  educational system. The system helps only students who are good in maths, physics or this type of difficult subjects. Students who are good at painting, singing or dancing, normally don’t have many chances  to carry out these abilities.

If one student don't get good results sometimes teachers tell him or her that he o her has no future. Moreover, they make students think that the most important thing is to get good grades in some subjects if they want to have a good job. And they only teach to compete against each other to be the best instead of collaborate with each other.

In conclusion, the system is just for the smartest and lets down those students that are not so smart. Everybody needs to have a chance to work for a good future. I think we should look at countries like Finland and follow their model.

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