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Indigenous Religion

➔Religious ceremonies were focused on nature, especially farming and hunting

➔Animism:  belief that sacred spirits could be found in all things, including the inanimate

➔Rituals and ceremonies often focus around natural elements such as ensuring a plentiful harvest like the Green Corn Ceremony and asking for healing at a Sun Dance 

Indigenous Land and Property

➔Generally, land plots were assigned to families for gardens; however, land laws and ownership were not strict

◆The idea that no one “owned” the land is prevalent throughout Native American groups

◆The land serves as a means to support people

➔Generally, several Indigenous groups moved throughout the seasons as animals moved so the accumulation of wealth was not important

◆Most Indigenous groups normalized the concept of sharing

◆*Think of how Indigenous People shared with most Europeans in times of need*

Indigenous Gender Relation

➔Indigenous societies were matrilineal

◆Kinship and clan groups were based on women

◆Children were members of the mother’s family, instead of the father’s

◆Men would move into the woman’s house

◆Women owned dwellings and tools

Women’s Realm/Men’s Realm

Family life and kinship was considered the “women’s realm” = matrilineal society

➔The “men’s realm” was hunting and providing food

◆This could be solely hunting but also farming/cultivating

➔While tribal elders were men, women played important roles in decision making and “behind-the-scenes” activities and events of the clans or groups

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