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Teenager’s Rules

Setting rules for teenagers is a topic which Is discussed in a lot of places by different experts. But not all the people Have the same opinion.

On the one hand, parents should set rules for Their children. A good education is based on a good organisation relating the Rules that children need. Because children need limits to know what they can or Cannot do. For example, some things, as going out until late hours is bad for Them, because they don’t understand the dangerous that they can suffer. Due to This, parents protect their children with rules.

They also set rules to stablish a useful Timetable and educate their children.

On the other hand, strict rules aren’t always Good for children. Because strict parents use them to protect their children Very much and they create irresponsible and spoiled children who don’t know how To take care of themselves.

A lot of them change in a bad way when their Parents take away rules because they usually start doing all those things they Can’t do and they are impolite, arrogant and out of control.

In conclusion, parents should put rules for Their children but in a moderate way, not being extreme, since educating is Setting rules, and rules are the education to be a person in our society.

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