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Learning organization- Es el conocimiento competitivo que tiene una empresa a las demas, y de mayor aprendizaje. Knowledge manament- es el proceso del conocimiento que tarda en trasmitir a los empleados en forma adecuada y adminitrada. 3 INDIVIDUAL LEARNING STYLES- visual, auditivo, kinestetico. BUSINESS INTELLIGENT-  Es la habilidad de transformar los datos en informacion y la informacion en conocimiento de forma que pueda tener mayor conocimiento para mejor toma de desiciones en los negocios. 2 TEAM LEARNING STYLES- disscucion y dialogo. What is needed to achieve a kenowlege economy- invertir en sistemas educativos,instituciones de investigacion y interarctuar con universidades...F...VIsual is one of the team learning styles,System thinking is not one of the componts of yje 5th Discipline, A learning organization doen´t sustains competitive advantage throungh learning faster that its competitors, Explicit knowledge refers to intuitivw and hard to define knowledge that is largety experienced based, business intelligence does not requires methoods and programs, a visual learner remember by verbalizing lessons themselves, for firms, it is very difficult to add value to tjeir products and services through knowledge shared worldwide...T... information is systematically organized data, bussiness intelligentce is used for measuring marketing campains,Peter senge polarized the concept od the learning organization among consultancy and bussiness schools;through the US contribution, the use blogs, wikis, widgets and other Wed 2.0 tools encourages horizontal collaboration, investment in research instituons is one of the steps needed to achieve a knowledge economy, the ability to provide innovative and coordinated action is a characteristic of an effective team learning,Organization is one of the threelevels in an organizational learning frawork, management must adapt to tknowlege economy by promoting learning among all members in an organization.

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