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Existence of God


The Design Argument

The design argument is an argument that puts forward the idea that our world is so complicated that it could not jst happen by chance, it had 2 be designed by a designer, who could not be designed himself, this designer had 2 be God. It was 1st built on by William Paley, who used the pocket watchmaker analogy 2 put the design argument into an understandable example. He argued that if we stumbled across an intricate pocket watch, we would not think that it jst happened 2 be created, we would conclude that it was designed & made by a creator, in this case, a watchmaker. The watchmaker would have thought about how 2 make the watch & what 2 make it like & created it out of these thoughts. We can talk the same about us, the world & the universe being created by a designer: God. 

The 1st Cause Argument

1The 1st Cause argument was created by the famous catholic monk, Thomas Aquinas. He believed that he could devise an argument that could prove the existence of god in a convincing manner & he did very well in putting forth a sustained & intellectual argument 4 the existence of God. However, jst like all arguments in the world, his had a few faults. The 1st Cause is actually part of a set of 5 arguments known as the cosmological arguments that all justify God's existence by arguing that he is the source of everything. Thomas Aquinas essentially eliminates the idea of the existence of infinite regress 2 prove the existence of God. In all of his cosmological arguments, the basic concept is that things R caused by other things, causes can go back in time all the way 2 the beginning, however, there can't be an infinite regress of causes because that would mean that time doesn't exist. As far as we know, time does exist & so there must be a cause that hs no cause. This cause is God. This idea is repeated in motion & other aspects but the 1st cause argument is the most effective @ presenting its argument.

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