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I follow the western historian thoughts About how this was organized by a well-organized small group leaded by Lenin.

Bolsheviks were a very radical group formed Mainly by workers, soldiers and barely any peasants, which compounded the 80% Of the population. This could mean the fist peace of evidence that it wasn’t a Rising of the masses.

Workers were a group that strongly supported Bolsheviks due to their situation in Petrograd. This city was about 2.4 million People and only a 400.000 were workers, even though this figure had raisen due To war, as women were forced to work as men were in the front. This group went On a strike while the prov.Government had the power because of the bad working Condition, bad treatment form employers etc, they were desperate to solve their Situation as their family income had been reduced because of war. They became a Very vulnerable group, and when Lenin came and told them that he was going to Solve their situation they believed it although the other parties explained how Those solutions were impossible to make but as 60% of workers came from being Peasants they had no education there for they did not understand their Arguments, it was much easier for them believe what Lenin was saying.

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