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Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400): figure in the 14th century/ "father of english literature" bc went against the norm & wrote in the language of people/ life experiences: wine merchant, royal household, spoke french-latin and Italian/ soldier and diplomat/ member of parliament Wrote the tales around 1385, wrote about all classes in the Canterbury tales to show the english society at the time/ went against tradition bc wrote in middle english rather than french -Hierarchy: nobility (knight and squire) clergy (monk, friar, parson, pardoner) middle class (merchant, doctor, student, wife of bath) peasants (miller, plowman, skipper) -Code of chivalry: a knight must be: true to his god, defender of the faith/ loyal to his lord and king/ true to his lady/ humble and modest in daily act/ brave and fierce in war Code of clergy: chaste and pure/ devoted to god/ obey to the biblical law/ take vows of poverty/ achieve heavenly reward Seven deadly sins:gluttony/avarice/sloth/lust/vanity/pride/anger Moral virtues; moderation/generosity/diligence/love/

modesty/humility/forgiveness Chaucer's canterbury tales: representatives of english society, pilgrims (speech & tale) 30 characters representing all social classes
Prologue: 30 pilgrims are on their way to Canterbury to pay homage, each agrees to tell 2 tales, the winner will receive a supper paid by all Geoffrey Chaucer: born in London, parents were well-off, owned several buildings in london, dad (john chaucer) a wealthy wine merchant, nice education (latin, greek, classics)1357: became a page to elizabeth, countess of ulster, join english army's invasion france during the 100 years of war, 1366: married philips de roet / 1367: received life pension from king/ had 4 kids with philipa(thomas, elizabeth, agnes, lewis) / began writing poems in 1370/ jobs: page, courtier, member of parliament, collector of scrap metal, justice peace, clerk/ 1372-1378: sent on diplomatic missions to france & genoa/ 1378: wrote the canterbury tales/ death: october 25, 1400/ legacy: father of english poetry/ 1st poet to be buried in the poet's corner/ pioneered the regular use of iambic pentameter 

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