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If you can try to get a HR person or someone who hires people to look through your CV before you send it out. They can suggest any improvements and also double check for spelling and grammar.

Never ever put as the title 'CV' or similar. Put your name as the title.

Always emphasis what is best about you.

-If you have no relevant, but a good degree/ professional qualification, put your education straight after you personal details.

-Obviously put your work experience first if that is the best thing about you.

Also use 'power words', they always seem annoying, plain stupid and sound like nonsensical management speak but they will make you seem like a better candidate.

Your CV should never be more than two pages long, ever. If its three pages cut something from it, if its three pages then there will be irrelevant stuff there, or it will be poorly formatted.

Que crees tu que le falta a CV para completar?

If he is sending out your CV to companies who haven't advertised always must put a personalised covering letter in with your CV. Most other jobs nowadays require a Covering letter- Total Jobs has some good templtes.


The most common crime in my neighborhood is to steal Bicycles. The criminal enters my property at night when we are all sleeping, Also another recurring crime is when a man rapes a woman alone in his house. The Carabineros are responsible for these crimes, but every day the criminal Minds. Recently I saw a crime in the center of Santiago, a man attacks a woman By surprise, he steals his gold necklace, at that time I warned the police and They ran behind the thief, luckily they caught him.

IMAGEN 1 hombre gritando

the man is screaming at his wife, she should report it to the Police. Currently, nobody accepts this type of treatment. If I saw a man Shouting at his wife, I would say to him: you are breaking the law and you need Help from a psychologist, now you must accompany me to the police to report Your crime. I think that the people who make these actions, they should be in Jail !!! The woman and the man must have a love relationship. I have never seen my parents in that situation.

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