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Germany first banks were created in many cities in 
Bourgeoise a social class which emerged after the traders 
Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare 
Humanis ideas were found in scholarly
Movable type enables people to become better informed 
Rome sacked by Spanish mercenaries in 1527
The Prince by Machiavelli 
Cosimo de Medici started the Medici family 
In 1508 Michelangelo paints Sistine chapel 
Brunelleschi design of the church san Lorenzo 
Jan Van Eyck Flemish painter perfect the technique of oil painting
Anti-semitism remained common after the reformation 
Ninety-five tables by Luther attacked the church 
Anabaptists believed in the separation of laws
Jesuits use education to spread the catholic faith 
Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon annulled their marriage 
Desiderius Erasmus Best-known Christian humanist
Council of Trent series of meetings 
Pope Leo X excommunicated Martin Luther 
Indulgence piece of paper 
The price of Folly, Erasmus called for a simpler faith 
Peace of Augsburg allowed to chose between the catholic church and Lutheranism
Act of supremacy- king of England head of the church of England 
separation of church and state- anabaptists
Bloody Mary- queen mary 
John Calvin believed in predestination 
Charles V emperor of the holy roman empire in reformation 
Ignatius Loyola founded the Society of Jesus or Jesuits 

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