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How? Provide public goods and servicies.-Defend and protect the environment.-Regulate the structure of the market.-Income distribution. Funtions of the estate are: Provision, Regulation, Redistribution. Income: -Directi tax and social contributions (IRPF).-Indirect tax (IVA),-Tributes.-Current transfers.-Patrimonial revenues. Expenses: -Basics public servicies.- Protection acts and social promotion.-Production of preferential goods and services.-Economic acts.-General acts. Deficit: Three types of government budgets: -Balanced Budget.- Surplus Budget.-Deficit Budget. Consequences: -An increase in your income: increasing taxes. -Reduce your expenses: education or health cuts..- To be more in debt: pay part of the last debt. Risk premium: is the difference between a country that is trusted to repay the deficit public debt.

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