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When measuring how developed a country is, it is essential to study the concept of development. In this way you can compare countries or compare one country with the same country in the past. There are many different ways of considering development, but the two most important ones are:

Economic development. A measure of how wealthy a country is, and of how this wealth is generated (for example, agriculture is considered less economically advanced than banking).

Human development. This measures the extent to which people have access to wealth, jobs, knowledge, nutrition, health, leisure and safety –as well as political and cultural freedom.

In order to calculate the level of development of a country or region, geographers use differentdevelopment indicators that vary depending on whether they want to measure economic or human development. The main indicators that measure human development (health, education and wealth) were grouped by the UN in a single index called the Human Development Index (HDI) in 1990.

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