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Spanish school: T. Studies…spain/f. psychologists..Eight/F. the number…rising/F. Those who…home. 2) children who move abroad become cleverer and the have more comprehension of the world/ in Spain there is less crime than in the UK and children have more free time to do sports and hobbies. 3) abroad/far/adapt. 4) the rescue will be delayed because of the heavy rain/ the nurse told the patients not to smoke…/ my mother asked me if I would be home before nine that night. South Korea: T. the education…future/ T. some argue…them/ F. the first…behind/ T. critics…trust. 2) students will be able to study school subjects in everywhere and they will not need to take books/ experts think that it will divide students into two groups, a group will be able to use the new devices and the second group will not do it. 3) to carry/to lag/to integrate. 4) this sculture is said to date from…/ she tod her children that they weren´t going on holiday yhat year. They couldn´t afford it/ new mebbers are going to be appointed by the committee. Spain’s economic…: F. there is…holidays/ F. In Catalonia..A month/ F. the annual…to one/ F. many…earnings 2) many people do not have jobs, they are unemployed/ the streets are full of people who are working. 3) a trend/ to vanish/ to cut down. 4) has been offered a very well paid job by this new company/ …that she would do her best…/….Students had to hand in their essays  by the following week. The Playmobil…: T. yes, the….Not if/ T. For many….Awful/T. Playmobil is…cinema/F. Horst…option. 2) Because Playmobil toy do not encourage violence and children can be more imaginative/ children can invent their characters, can be sailors, pirates. 3) alarming/ to shout/to refuse. 4) she couldn´t be heard because she was…/ this vaccine is said to cure …/ I don’t know what Sam is doing tomorrow

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