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MARCH: On Wednesday, Greg and Rowley are in the cafe drinking a cup of hot chocolate Because they are voluntary when they are called to go to the principal’s office. Rowley goes after 15 minutes and the manager is angry because he had persecuted Some children with a worm. Best of all is that he had not been, who had seen is His friend Greg. The director tells him to go apologize the children and above Volunteer for a week. Greg tells her mother what had happened and his mother Advises him what to do. Next day Greg talks to Rowley and says the two have Learned that when they pass through the home of Mrs. Irvine they have to behave Well, because it was the one who had spoken with the director. When Rowley goes To speak with the principal he asumes all the facts and he doesn’t say that Truely was Greg. Then he realized that Rowley was not the same with him when he Should have been angry for failing Rowley. When her mother cames home was Waiting for him and asked if he had done the right thing, Greg says yes and her Mother invites him to an ice cream.

APRIL: Rowley Getting him less case and also saw Greg Rowley had gathered with the second Friend Greg was Collin. Greg thought he had to have a new best friend and the Only guy he could about was Fregley. As Rowley and Collin were going to sleep Together, Greg decided to sleep at Fregley’s house too. Greg was bored and Didn’t want to play anything with Fregley, then Greg decided to look out the Window but it was not a good idea because Collin Rowley were having fun. And When he turned around he saw Fregley had eaten some candy Fregley and he Couldn’t eat sugar and began to hop. Greg decided to lock himself in the Bathroom and at 23:30 Fregley send him a written beneath the door saying he was Well. Greg slept there and at 2 in the morning when he woke up, went home to Sleep. The next day he began to look in to his brother things and saw a book in Which he expressed which classmate he liked and which not. And Greg decided to Be the favorite course. To achieve this he put a teacher a thumbtack on the Chair and thereby earn points. 

MAY: Next day Greg decided to make a joke to the history teacher but was a bit difficult and Before the end of the class the teacher said the next day he would not be so Someone would come to his place, then Greg brightened ideas because he knew That a replacement was easier to make a joke. The next day when it reaches Class he saw that the substitute was his mother and could not make the joke. After the next week the newspaper comics come out again. The author was Rowley Tata has copied them from Greg’s cartoons. Greg  talked to Rowley. They decided to fight but Then a van arrived and all the people that was around run except them. They Realized that they were the boys at halloween. And as the two of them spent a Prank Rowley retaliated and made him eat the cheese so disgusting on the floor And when it came to Greg, he invented an excuse and said he was allergic to Dairy and escaped. Then the next day at school people realized that the slice Of cheese was gone and Greg as a good friend said nothing that his friend was Forced to eat it and he said he had thrown away and everyone went running.

June Arrived and Rowley and Greg were playing video games, Rowley had not thanked Him for nothing that Greg had done for him. And there was also worth saying That he had thrown the slice of cheese because nobody wanted to be the partner Of Greg in physical education and then did the classes. When the book come out, Greg saw that the person choosen as the clown of the class was Rowley. So Greg Thought that if Rowley persist distruibing him, he will say everything to the Class. And finally classes are over.

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