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Audio lingual: use the repetition, grammar is so important, Vocabulary not introduced. Not emphasized in the meaningful way. Task based learning: learning in a meaningful way, language is placed in context, language is introduced in order carry out the Task PBL: roles are given to students and the teacher Has the role of facilitator, is based in a central topic and can last week or a Semester Direct method: Focus: questions answer, oral skills, speaking And listening. Content and language integrated learning: teaching subjects such a science History geography through a foreign language. Presentation practice production: use certain structures to communicate In a practice activityTotal physical response: coordination of language and Physical movement. Grammar Translation Method: writing sentences and translating It to the other language. Communicative approach natural approach: Great for beginners (problem solving Activities, interactive activities, creative activities.)

1-Classroom Management (gestió de l’aula): Establishing the parameters of our classroom. Put up our hand, we pay attention To the teacher. Use good classroom language and listen our teacher. Use symbols, Images, important words. Alternative was to say good: - you have got it right + Super. à class dojo

Classroom Layout (disseny de l’aula): Create a good environment which learners will be able to work together and independently. Ex: Class In rows,Class In a horseshoe, Class In circle, Class On groups of five or six, Class In pairs.

It is more important to be a good pronunciation Than to be the good accent because the pronunciation is important to understand The people but the accent is a peculiarity the people have. à aplicacions per pronunciar les Vocals en algunes oracions, use the methodology jazz chants. 

Oral activities: There are so many activities that can get Your students talking and communicating in a natural way. They don't have to Always explicitely work on pronunciation but if you plan the activity well, They can learn a variety of skills along with pronunciation. Be creative and Let your students be creative too! à Voki (avatar) Jazz chants (cançó)

Vocabulary: word clouds (nuvol de paraules), mind maps (mapes conceptuals). + flash cards quizlet

Grammar: repetition, physical movement, questions Answers, bingo, board games, taboo, find the differences. 

1.Teaching culture (com ensenyar Diferents cultures)

-You Can let your students share their culture through food by inviting them To talk about or share dishes typical in their countries.

-Ask Each of your students to talk about a traditional holiday from their native Culture.

-You Can invite your students to wear traditional clothing on a certain day Or bring picture of themselves or others in traditional dress.

-Looking At the typical distribution of time can give an insight into what is important In a given culture.

-Bring In an iPod dock and play a little rock and roll, then invite your students to Share some of their music.

-Invite Your students to bring in a sample of money from their native countries.

-You Can have your students read English translations of traditional tales or Have your students tell the stories to their classmates.

Musical, Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Naturalistic, Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Visual.

Diversity: there are many kinds of persons. The concept Of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that Each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences. Diversity Is a reality created by individuals and groups from a broad spectrum of Demographic and philosophical differences.

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