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Screening process

1.-Review resumes and cover letters 2.-Conduct a video or phone interview 3.-Identify top candidates

Elements of the resumé

Personal info, Education, Professional Experience, Interests, Awards, References

WASP interview

Welcome: explanation of the structure of the interview, making small talk To establish trust and relaxing the candidate Acquire Information: Acquire information from the candidate avoid making Unacceptable questions that can offend the candidate Supply Information: After asking the questions the candidate asks questions And is time for describing the company in a positive way Part: Thank the candidate for their time and for attending the interview, candidate Should leave with a positive memory.

Selection methods

Clinical selection Method:it involves all who Will be making the decision to hire a candidate. The decisionmakers Review the data and, based on what they learn from the candidate and theinformation Available to them, decide who should be hired for a job. Multiple cut-off Model: it requires that a candidate has a minimum Score level on all selection criteria. Multiple hurdle model: only Candidates with high scores go to the next stages of the selection process. Statistical Method: it handles and limits the Personal stereotypes and perceptions of theInterviewers. A Selection model is developed that assigns scores andgives More weight to specific factors, if necessary.

Compensatory Model: this method permits a high score in animportant Area to make up for a lower score in another area

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