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The ghotic The 3 key elements of this new style were:

The ground plant still had the shape of a latin cross but there was often only one arm. The 3 aisles were kept but two others were often added as side chapels. New arch less heavy and more pointed. A crossed vault wich was formed by the crossing of two arches supported at four points by pillars or colunms. The use of flying buttresses on the outside of the building wich absorbed weigh from the crossed vaults and consolidated the walls of the building.

The ghotic façade presents tends to have three doors by tympanum and a few arquivoltas. Above the doors appear lare rose windows with stained-glass, galleries with statues and decorative elements in the shape of arrows called gabletes, pinaculos were used to top off the contrafuertes.


Sculpture had mainly a decorative funtion in religious buildings. From the 14th century sculpture got independent from buildings and showed itself in panels to decorate churches and funerary monuments. But the development of urban life and the appearance of a new bougeoissie with graet economic power gave way to he cration of non-religious art.


Gothic painting developed new aspects like depth and the anatomy of the characters, he description and details of quotidian life, the representations of feelings and a new concept of light and colour.

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